Google Glass Personalized Medicine

Mon, May 6, 2013 One-minute read
I've been thinking about the potential Google Glass has in medicine. My primary focus has been its role in a physician's daily routine. One idea (though morbid) would be a pathologist performing autopsies using Glass to record the procedure and take still shots. Another would be allowing general practice doctors to both record encounters as well as manage short bursts of patient data without having to interfere with patient interaction.

This sort of workflow could greatly improve care in any number of ways. That was on my mind when I  started imagining what I'd like to be able to do if I had Glass.

"Okay Glass, diagnose cough... *cough*" -- Return list of possibilities with percentage matches

"Okay Glass, what's my heart rate?" -- Pull data from a heart rate monitor

"Okay Glass, what's my blood sugar?" -- Pull data from a glucose monitor

--Glass Notification Pushed-- Blood Sugar Low

-- Glass Notification Pushed-- Arrhythmia Detected

The potential for this level of preventative care and getting this sort of health information easily is staggering. And developing these services is made easy with the Mirror API. I know what I'm doing in my free time.